About Us

Happily vaping since 2012 and proud to be open for business since 2014 – Republic of Vape is a company by the vapers, for the vapers.

With 9 years experience behind us, you can approach us with any questions or queries you may have in total confidence of receiving an honest and informed answer. We will always take our time to listen and point you in the right direction. In such a new industry you never stop learning so if we don’t know the answer to a question then we will say so and reach out to others in the industry to find the answers you need.
We focus on customer service, fair prices, and quality products. We specialize in producing new liquids and are constantly working towards creating fresh, bold flavours that don’t carry a ‘premium’ price. We also carry an extensive range of fairly priced devices and accessories.
Our aim has always been to make a living from, and create jobs within, the vape industry in Ireland. By buying from us you are supporting this objective. In return, we promise to deliver personable customer service, great quality products, and fair prices.
If you aren’t already with us then why not give us a try and join the Republic!
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