Electronic Cigarette – How Has Ireland Taken To The New Vape Craze?

Over 50,000 people in Ireland have now swapped a traditional tobacco cigarette for an electronic cigarette in a drive not only to reduce health risks but also to join the new trend of social vaping. The growth of e cigarettes has aided the global industry to now be valued at around €1.1bn. It is quickly gaining speed and is forcing cigarettes out of the open market. With more and more people joining the Ireland vape craze, they are searching for clear legal limits for using the in public and reassurance that they are less dangerous than smoking tobacco. We seek to settle these debates right here.

Where Can You Use Ecigs

Firstly, ecigs do not follow the same legal prohibitions that are placed on the smoking of tobacco. In Ireland, the sale and use of e-cigarettes is legal in public places, in opposition to the smoking ban. However, the EU are seeking to control electronic cigarettes in terms of advertising and consumer protection. New regulations issued in February 2014 mean that ecigs must not be advertised, must adhere to a set nicotine maximum and follow a set guideline on ingredient purity. Yet these legislations are more favourable than the tobacco rulings as they seek to help people use vaping responsibly as a possible method to stop smoking. The popularity and acceptance of ecigs by the EU within many of its member countries has only added to their attractiveness as many people prefer to use a smoking method that they can use socially at home and on holiday. We would still advise people to keep up to date with different establishments. A recent example would include the Dublin Institute of Technology that has prohibited the use of ecigs on campus; the decision sparked such controversy that they are already debating whether to overturn it. It seems the newest technologies and drive on ‘healthier vaping’ are making such rulings hard to carry out.

Why Are Smokers Turning To E Liquid Ireland To Satisfy Their Cravings

Predominant usage of electronic cigarette technology is the wish to stop smoking. The main demographic of users are those who have smoked for 10-30 years previously. The first reason most people choose this method is that they allow the hand to mouth habit that mirrors smoking. They are perceived as more effective than patches and nicotine gum as the addiction still follows the same pattern of behaviour. Those who have struggled with restless fingers when not smoking have found that these devices are the ideal solution. Then, there is the big appeal of the sensation when vaping. As the vape reaches the back of the throat, users can feel a ‘kick’ similar to the experience of smoking and this can replicate the same sense of pleasure in the brain. Finally the wide range of e liquid Ireland available means that you can tailor make the taste to replicate that of your favourite brand of cigarettes, meaning you fall under the illusion of smoking your best brand without the harmful chemicals and side effects. The social side of smoking is also cultivated by the new groups of hobbyists who discuss their latest gadgets and new ways of producing the best vape. Once you are seen with a new device, you are bound to find fellow vapers who want to hear all about it.

Vaping Ireland For You

To find the best machine for you, you need to understand your motivation for vaping and this may change as your experiences build up. Ex-smokers and beginners normally start with simple electronic cigarettes either in the search for that hand interaction or the simplest device to get started. You can then easily develop your own style of vaping by accessorising your mouthpiece with glass or plastic. We recommend glass based sets as they tend to give a cleaner and fresher taste. Then, you just need to choose your liquid from your vaping Ireland store and you can get started. If you are vaping for taste, we suggest using PG rich juices as these have a lower burn temperature, allowing you to fully experience the flavour. With tastes ranging from traditional tobacco to mixed fruit and even sweets, you are bound to find a flavour that you would like to try. Just remember as with all liquid containing items, you need to thoroughly clean your equipment on a regular basis to guarantee the longest life and the best taste. Here, we advise you use an Ultrasonic Cleaner that is readily available and breaks down even the smallest residues, leaving you with a fresher and sharper taste as well as increasing the longevity for your device.

Being Able To Use Your E Juice Ireland Whenever You Need It

Although electronic cigarette devices actually benefit from regular use, here are some housekeeping tips to preserve and in some cases lengthen the life of yours. Firstly, make sure that you keep your e juice Ireland in a safe place out of direct sunlight and away from any heat sources. Most people keep their devices in their pockets but are often unaware that sustained body heat on the battery can actually damage its life and reduce the strength of the flavour produced. If the battery is not working to its full function, the vape will not be as strong and the machine will not be able to work at its best temperature. Here is where you see the difference with the cheaper brands of vape pens as they do not work at a high enough temperature to warm the liquid through and give that deep aroma we all aspire to. Our final tip is important for those who keep their devices to one side while at work. By unplugging your cartomiser when you are not using it, you can save the battery dramatically – a tip that can prevent you from standing in panic during your quick tea break.

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