E Juice Ireland: Are You Part Of The New Trend?

Since the introduction of e cigarettes and e juice Ireland on the market, the days of simple nicotine pens have been surpassed by new flavours and new experiences. Whether you are simply using your device to help you kick your nicotine habit or if you enjoy the social side of vaping, there is no need to sacrifice the simple tweaks for that tasty experience. The latest trends in the market focus on vaping PG rich liquids through clean, non-plastic vaporisers for the ultimate electronic cigarette feel. Follow these simple steps below to find your perfect vape and personalise your equipment.

The New Ways To Use And Enjoy Your E Cigarette Juice

Where before most liquids contained the same chemical properties, technology has now developed into two clear routes for your vaping base – Poly Glycerine and Vegetable Glycerine. Here is where we can separate the amateurs from the true vapers. Those who want to experience the true vaping sensation will need to look for VG rich liquids. As these e juice liquids are thicker in consistency, they produce a stronger vape that gives you the cloud creating effect you are looking for. In contrast, PG rich juices are more focused on flavour and can seem very meek in comparison. Ideally you want to look for a liquid which is 60% or higher VG compared to less than 40% PG. Dripping atomizers also work much better with thicker VG liquids as the risk of leakage and low wick adherence is less. Our top tip here is to avoid buying your e cigarette juice from petrol stations and cheap discount stores. These e liquid Ireland are usually thinner than the better quality juices and so less effective. You will also be surprised to learn that these can also cost up to ten times more than liquids bought online as they are considered a luxury item on most forecourts.

How To Enjoy The Best E Juice Flavours

To get the most out of your e juice Ireland, purchase a non-plastic vaporiser and ensure your device is as clean as possible. For beginners, nozzles using Pyrex glass are ideal as the vape is atomised cleanly and can be inhaled without too much drag. These are also affordable at around 28€ meaning that you need not sacrifice a smooth drag due to cost. For those more experienced cloud chasers, dual coil turbines with glass chambers give you the best intake of vape at a bargain of around 49€. Yet the best e juice flavours can often be spoilt by a machine that has not been properly cleaned and given some vape TLC. Our cost cutting tip is to place your atomised and tank into a pot of boiling water for 15 minutes. This will break down any e cigarette e juice remaining and flush them out of your tank, leaving you with a cleaner, fresher place for your newest flavour. However, for those in the know, the best way to care for your vaporiser is to invest in Ultrasonic Cleaner and give your equipment a regular deep clean. These are well worth the investment as not only do they give you back the new taste quality but they also get rid of those hard to break residue flakes that you would otherwise inhale. Furthermore, one of these cleaning devices can extend the life of your equipment several times over.

Getting The Best E Juice Ireland Offers At Republic Of Vape Limited

Join the cloud chasing craze and get the best e juice Ireland from Republic Of Vape Limited. You can start of simply with your first piece of equipment, or expand your range to include the latest tech at an affordable price. We also offer the best and cleanest electronic cigarette options to help you savour the best tasting e juice throughout the whole of Ireland. Follow our tips above to have the best vaping experience and try new flavours and mixes from the most popular manufacturers. Grab your Unicorn Milk flavour or your new Pyrex Glassware at https://republicofvape.ie///

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