Best E Juice Flavours – What’s The Best One To Get?

The best e juice flavours are really a matter of… well, taste, but for those new to vaping the fact that you can get any flavour, and we mean any flavour, as well as tobacco is generally a wonderful thing. Of course, once experience is gained, many people venture out from tobacco and menthol to new and exciting flavours.

E liquids across the world are made by many different companies these days and come in many different flavours. No matter the flavour, of course, the make-up is always the same; water, nicotine, flavouring and a PG or VG base (or combination of both). All e juice Ireland producers will offer the ever popular, but admittedly simple, flavours like hazelnut, peppermint, strawberry and vanilla. There are, however, companies that are striking out to make memorable and unique mixes upon which they can base their vaping business. The benefit, for companies, of developing such flavours is that they provide the kind of fame upon which empires can be built. Take Suicide Bunny, for example, who have developed well-known flavours for e cigs such as Mothers Milk, Madrina and Original Bunny; all of which are available through Republic of Vape Limited. The upshot of trying these kinds of flavours is the consistency they offer you, you can guarantee the same level of quality right through the brand’s range. The possibilities once you get started, are, almost endless, so get out there and find the electronic cigarette liquid that suits your taste buds best.

If you’re looking for the best flavours sold in Ireland, you should look into what Republic of Vape Limited has to offer. We supply only the best e juice flavours of the highest quality, check out what’s on offer for yourself! You can get all the information you need at

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