Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we ship every working day. A working day is Monday to Friday not including Bank Holidays. We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays.

Unfortunately, right now, Covid-19 has increased courier deliveries and postal traffic so much that you may be waiting a few days for your package instead of receiving it the next day like you used to. 

We would ask that you have patience and order well in advance of running out.

Any orders received after 14:00 (2PM) will be sent the following day. If it’s after 14:00 on a Friday when you order, your package will be sent on the following Monday.

Due to Covid-19 we are experiencing a higher number of online orders and sometimes struggle to get all orders packed by 2pm, so, if you can, please order before the afternoon.

We use a Courier Service. An Post does not allow liquid products to be sent using their service. You may receive products containing eliquids by An Post at the moment from other sites but this won’t last too much longer.

Also, if a package is sent by An Post and it goes missing you have to wait 30 days before they open an investigation. So, as great as An Post are, it’s easier to solve missing parcel issues with our courier service.

It used to take 24 hours and sometimes 48 hours. Now, with Covid-19 wreaking havoc it can take a few days more. If it takes longer than 5 working days you should contact us.
100% recorded, 100% tracked.  We don’t ask for a signature as we know many of you are in work during the courier delivery hours (doing important stuff like paying off mortgages and student loans etc). But even with the signature not required, the delivery is recorded.

No sir, you don’t. We will make every package as small as possible so it fits through your letterbox and you don’t need to be there. Obviously, if you order a load of stuff then it must go in a box and you might need to be home for it to be delivered but in general no, you don’t need to be home.

We give the courier service your phone number and email address so they can stay in touch with you and make sure you are home when they deliver.

Also, you will receive an email from the courier with your tracking number a few hours after we send the parcel. In this email you can reschedule the delivery, or even change the delivery address to another location.

This rarely happens, but as good and dedicated as we are…we still feck it up the odd time. Generally, it happens when we have had a few cans too many the night before. We are a small team here and usually, your order is sent by only one of three people in the warehouse so we can easily find out what happened and find out which eejit is responsible.
We sign off on the packing slips so we know who sent it and we also have full video recording of the order processing area so we can really see exactly what happened if there is a balls up. It’s a bit 1984 but we need to have it in place for these type of situations.


Just email, or ring us and let us know what is wrong and we will get right on it. Please send your order number if you can, alternatively, the name you used to place the order will suffice.
All our card payment solutions are handled by SagePay. SagePay is a payment processing company which is highly reputable in Ireland and the rest of Europe.
The site is also using HTTPS / SSL Security.  PayPal is also available and as we all know – it is very safe for the customer.
It’s actually pretty good, we try hard to work with the customer to find a solution to any problem that may arise. If you don’t receive an answer to your query within 24 hours (remember Saturdays and Sundays don’t count) then you should really contact us again, by phone if possible. If you don’t receive a reply within 48 hours then please definitely contact us by phone. The reason being that if you don’t receive a reply within 48 hours (Monday to Friday), it means our Contact Us page is not working properly and we are not receiving your emails.
This is very important…please…if you don’t hear from us within 48 hours call us on either 0419848380 – Drogheda (this is the warehouse where online orders are processed), or on 012020624 – Dún Laoghaire, or between 10am and 18:00 (that’s 6PM dude).
If your query is regarding the website please call the warehouse on 0419848380. They guys in Dún Laoghaire have no control over the website, it’s stock, or any online orders placed.
No, it’s not crap. It’s the best quality we can find. Do we get faulty devices and returns? Yes, the odd time, but nowhere near what we got a few years back. Why is this? Well, we now don’t just buy the latest product out of China. We wait and see what reviews the product gets over a couple of weeks before we buy it in for our customers. This way we see what issues or downsides the product has before we sell it. This way we can avoid total shit-shows (remember the Kanger NEBox?) and also inform customers on the upside and downside of the device they are looking at.
Now you must remember, all the devices, ie anything electronic, comes from China and the price they carry is very low because they are mass produced. Anything produced in Europe or the States is extremely expensive. For the price of two boxes of fags you have a chance at changing your whole life so please understand they may not be 100% all the time but compared to the price you pay – it’s a great deal. Don’t freak out if there is a little problem, just get in touch and we can probably sort any issue you may have over email or the phone. For example €50 on a device which might last you years is basically 4 days worth of fags. Realise the opportunity and the difference in cost and keep your head, we will help you to the best of our abilities.
Probably. There’s always some eejit who has opened a website and hasn’t planned on how he or she is going to pay their overheads. They usually don’t last more than a year or two. Their prices are low, but how long will they be around? We’re here 5 years and counting.
There’s always some shady dude who has set the PayPal on his website to send money to a bank account in a foreign country for instance so he doesn’t pay tax here. They can last a few years but eventually, they fold.
On top of that you have the local Irish vendors who are just out to make as much money as possible before the ‘bubble’ bursts…
Let me tell you now…that bubble is well and truly bursting and some shops will start to fall off soon. Most of them are crappy shops but some of them are decent shops with excellent owners who just haven’t had it easy and have got the shitty end of the stick. Rejoice at the departure of the eejits and mourn the passing of the good shops who are caught up in this mess of business saturation.
Look for the guys who have one really good shop and work in it most days a week themselves like the Vaporium in Dungaravan, Elixor in Cork or Eco-Vape in Wicklow. These guys are ensuring you receive the best advice you can get and their prices are as low as possible. They work in the stores most days to ensure you get credible information and the lowest prices as they don’t spend their entire budget on wages for other staff. Ennis Vape Gallery in Clare and the Vape Garden in Drogheda are of the same calibre. Fantastic shops with owners who have been around since day one.
If you can’t find these guys then look for a small chain of shops with no more than 2 or 3 shops under their control. Republic of Vape is one for instance, also John Twamleys E-Juice Direct in Waterford and Inishowen Vapours in Donegal.
There are bigger chains of stores but they have enough coverage and we would rather keep it small and personal. Smaller stores give the best advice and look after you how they should.
Support your local independent shops.
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