Discover the Advantages of E-cigs

If you’re looking for ways to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes, you may be considering electronic cigarettes. These e-cigs may offer a pathway away from tobacco cigarettes and the harmful health risks that they cause.

When you choose e-cigs, you’ll be choosing electronic gadgets which come with plenty of controversy, as these little devices are currently the subject of tons of fierce debate. However, many people do believe that electronic cigarettes are a smarter, safer nicotine delivery system option, primarily because they don’t produce smoke or tar.

Are E-cig Restrictions on the Horizon?
In the USA, two state senators recently made statements regarding their desire to restrict the way that electronic cigarettes may be marketed (in addition to the desire to curtail the amount of flavours of e-cig “e-juice” which are offered to consumers). The overarching goal of these new restrictions is to ensure that underage people won’t be enticed by “candy-flavoured” e-cig products.
Since e-cig juices and cartridges come in a dizzying array of tasty flavours, from cotton candy to Cherry cola to classic tobacco and beyond, many critics of e-cigs feel that they are simply too attractive to kids and teens…

Those who are classified as e-cig detractors have long argued that the many flavours of electronic cigarette juices and cartridges are just too appealing to youngsters… and they’re also against marketing of e-cigs which seems to target younger consumers.

However, a recent study proved that the majority of young e-cig users are already smokers of typical cigarettes. In other words, these youngsters have already been corrupted by marketing from Big Tobacco.

E-cigs Offer Ultimate Convenience
However, not everyone is against the usage of e-cigs, although most do oppose children and teens using these devices. The truth is that many studies do support the health benefits of e-cigs, versus the drawbacks of smoking real tobacco cigarettes. The rationale behind approval of e-cigs is that these electronic gadgets don’t have the large quantity of harmful ingredients which are found in typical cigarettes.

Profit motive may also play a role in how e-cigs are perceived. In other words, Big Tobacco and other corporate interests may oppose the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes, as such popularity may lead to reduced market share for Big Tobacco products. Big Tobacco makes a fortune off of addiction and companies which sell conventional cigarettes have a vested interest in keeping their types of nicotine products front and centre in the eyes of consumers.

Some Big Tobacco companies are taking control by introducing electronic cigarette products of their own. Others are actively underscoring any perceived negative health risks of e-cigs, with a mind to making e-cigs look as bad as possible in the eyes of the general public. Big Tobacco may do this directly or via allies who highlight the downside of e-cigs in articles, TV reports and so on.

When it comes to sorting fact from hype and fiction, one particular study which was conducted in Europe showcased the value of e-cigs in terms of their roles as smoking cessation aids. This French study showed that a single percent of French smokers quit the tobacco habit for good due to their usage of electronic cigarettes.

Other studies show that young people really aren’t using e-cigs as much as electronic cig detractors want you to think they are. One study, which was published by the CDC, also indicated that younger people who do utilize electronic cigarettes tend to be those who’ve already begun smoking traditional cigarettes anyway. Therefore, the risk to youngsters may be somewhat overstated.
It’s important to cut through all of the hype when considering the value of electronic cigarettes, as well as their potential and existing drawbacks. Studies help to provide perspective which is much-needed.

Why Choose E-cigs, Anyway?
There are different reasons to opt for e-cigs, including convenience and smoking cessation assistance. Some people like being able to “smoke” these water vapour cigarettes in places where tobacco cigarettes aren’t permitted, such as pubs and other public venues. While some venues may frown on e-cigs, most public places do allow the usage of these cigarette substitutes.

Those who want to end their dependence on traditional cigarettes, by choosing a nicotine delivery system which is tar-free and smoke-free, may also be good candidates for e-cigs. While all of the pros and cons of e-cigs are yet to be determined, many people do find that they feel better when they use e-cigs, versus how they feel when they smoke regular cigarettes.

In the end, the decision to use e-cigs is a personal one. Smart and savvy consumers should therefore perform research and do their homework before deciding whether or not e-cigs meet their needs. A variety of electronic cigarettes are available online and these come with a wide range of features, at an assortment of price points. Product reviews of different models will help consumers to decide which styles are really right for their needs.

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