Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful or Helpful?

These days, electronic cigarettes are becoming popular choices for men and women all over the world. However, the safety of these handy – and usually inexpensive – electronic gadgets is something that is hotly debated.
Since UK citizens are embracing e-cigs in ever-greater numbers (numbers should reach a staggering one million this year!), it’s important to take a look at the hard facts about electronic cigarettes, with a mind to determining whether they are harmful or helpful.

Many people view e-cigs as very convenient nicotine delivery systems. In addition, many proponents of e-cigs believe that they are better for the human body. The rationale behind this viewpoint is that e-cigs utilize water vapour, rather than smoke and tar.

If you’ve been hitting the United Kingdom’s pubs lately, you may have noticed a lot of e-cig users enjoying their electronic devices as they partake of friendly pints in the company of their buddies. Some use the e-cigs in public in order to avoid tiresome and restrictive “no smoking” laws. These types of users may or may not smoke real cigarettes when they are at places where it’s ok to smoke tobacco.
Others consider electronic cigs to be bona fide smoking cessation aids. In other words, they want to stay away from the real thing (due to the smoke, stench and tar) and they find that e-cigs give them the ability to stick to their guns…

E-cigs Provide Superior Sensation
In the eyes of some real-life users who want to quit smoking, e-cigs provide hope where other smoking cessation aids, such as patches and inhalers, tend to disappoint. The key difference between e-cigs and other smoking cessation aids is that electronic cigarettes really do simulate a smoking experience.

Therefore, e-cig users don’t feel like they are missing out on quite as much in terms of sheer sensation. E-cigs deliver significant “throat hit” by producing clouds of water vapour and nicotine.

It’s also possible to utilize e-juices and cartridges which contain no nicotine at all…or to choose e-juices or cartridges which contain lower levels of nicotine.
Some e-cig owners taper off with gradually decreasing levels of nicotine, while others feel safer staying with high levels. For some, high levels of nicotine make it simpler for them to avoid real cigarettes. In other words, by ensuring that they get a lot of nicotine daily, via their electronic cigarettes, they are better able to resist the urge to light up.

Most e-cig users plan to wean themselves off of nicotine over the long term. However, others enjoy nicotine and have no plans to give it up in the future.
As you can see, e-cig users have different reasons for buying and using e-cigs, and they espouse different philosophies.

Learn How E-cigs Work
A typical e-cig comes with two main components, which are battery and atomizer. When a user draws breath while using his or her electronic cigarette, liquidized nicotine is converted into water vapour, which is then inhaled by the e-cig user. The water vapour/e-juice “cloud” which is exhaled by an e-cig user will quickly dissipate into the air.

One hundred percent tobacco-free, e-cigs don’t feature tar (which is not a healthy substance… ingestion of tar may lead to fatal illnesses!) and they don’t create smoke.

An Expert Weighs In
If you’d like to hear what a highly-educated doctor has to say about e-cig usage in England, you’ll benefit from reading the opinions of John Britton. Britton is a notable professor who is a member in good standing of the Royal College of Physicians. Britton has remarked that increased e-cig usage will save millions of lives in his home country. In his opinion, if everyone who smokes tobacco in England switches to e-cigs, five million smoking-related deaths will be avoided.
Professor Britton also believes that nicotine is quite a safe stimulant, the same way that caffeine is, and that nicotine doesn’t (in and of itself) trigger serious or fatal illnesses. For this reason, in his eyes, ingesting nicotine isn’t particularly harmful.
However, Britton does not believe that e-cigs should be sold to the underage. His thinks strict rules should be in place, which ensure that underage people don’t have access to electronic cigarettes.

Are E-cigs Right for You?
Hopefully, this article has provided you with some facts which will help you to decide whether or not e-cigs are right for you. If you do decide to take the plunge and purchase your first electronic cigarette, you certainly won’t be alone.
E-cigs aren’t going anyplace. In the future, millions of people all over the world may use them in lieu of real cigarettes. While there are conflicting viewpoints with regard to the safety of e-cigs, it’s safe to say that many people (both experts and laypersons) do believe in them wholeheartedly.

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