PAX 3 Vaporiser


PAX 3 Vaporiser

PAX Labs are world renown for their clean modern design and affordable vaporisers. This combination of style, quality and price made them one of the biggest names in vaporisers for the last 5 years. The Pax 3 is the latest iteration of their flagship pax vaporizer series. Designed and optimized with the user in mind, offering more functionality than before, in the same pocketable form-factor!


Sand, Black, Rose Gold


PAX 3 Vaporiser – Complete Kit

Pax Labs – known for unparallelled performance, sleek appearance, and unrivalled power. The Pax 3 all these qualities presented in a perfectly discreet and portable dry herb vape package that couldn’t be more worth your attention. A minuscule 3.3 oz/93g and made of a sturdy aluminum, the Pax 3 is portable and tough all in one.The average battery life for the Pax 3 is about 80-90 minutes, and the unit takes 2.5 hours to fully charge from zero battery.

It houses a sophisticated conduction oven that can heat material almost instantly (a mere 3 – 5 seconds!), and a large oven capacity is no challenge for this powerful little vape thanks to its 3500mAH rechargeable battery. With an aluminum body and silicone mouthpiece, the Pax 3 will deliver undiluted, delicious vapor every time you use it. With an impressive temperature range spanning from 182° C to 215° C, it will perfectly vape your dry herb or concentrate.

The Pax 3 is available in a basic kit or complete kit. Where the complete kit comes with a concentrate insert, a half pack oven lid, a multi-tool and 3 screens, the basic kit holds the Pax 3 device with a few less extras to play with.

Key Features

  • Dual-use (dry herb and concentrate)
  • Lightweight aluminium body
  • Super Compact Design
  • Conduction Oven
  • 22-second heat-up period
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Intuitive One-Button Control
  • Vibration notifications when the vape is ready to go
  • light notifications of vaporizer status
  • Extended battery life with 3500mAH battery
  • 10-year warranty
  • 0% THC

PAX 3 Complete Kit vs Basic Kit

The Pax 3 complete kit comes with everything in the Basic kit (also known as ‘device only’) with a few additions listed below

Basic Kit includes:

  • The PAX 3 Vaporiser
  • The magnetic USB charger
  • Concentrate insert
  • Cleaning accessories

The Complete Kit Includes: 

  • The PAX 3 Vaporiser
  • The magnetic USB charger
  • Concentrate insert
  • Cleaning accessories
  • The half-pack oven lid (for smaller sessions for one)
  • 3x Spare screens
  • A multitool

How to Use the PAX 3 Vaporiser

Using it for dry herb

When using the PAX 3 you should always make sure you pack the oven tight due to it being a conduction vaporiser it requires good contact between the walls of the oven and the dry material. Want to use less material? Consider using the half-pack oven lid which is included in the complete kit. The half-pack oven lid just reduces the oven size, while maintaining the tight conditions the herbs need to vaporise fully.

Using the concentrate insert

For the best experience Take the screen out of your pax 3 before using the Concentrate insert. Place the concentrate in the concentrate insert attach it to the oven lid and close it off and turn on the vape! Set your temp and wait for it to vibrate to say it has hit its optimum temp.

Turning It On & Setting The Temperature

Just press the button once to turn on, it will begin heating up to your last set temperature. Hold the button down to go into temperature mode, & then press to cycle the temperatures there are four temperature presets:

Connect your phone to:

  • Create your own 5th preset temperature or set a precise temperature.
  • Turn off the lights on the vape for ‘stealth mode’
  • Play one of the three included games! PAXrun, PAXSpin or PaxSays
  • Dim the light brightness or set a unique lighting pattern.

Sand, Black, Rose Gold

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