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The Republic of Vape takes pride in being one of the best e-liquid manufacturers in Ireland. That is why you can find everything you may ever need for a unique vaping experience in our online store. 

The 10ml bottles of Gold Tobacco, Silver Tobacco, or Mental Menthol are some of The Republic of Vape’s best-selling products, while we also offer a broad range of fruit flavoured e-juices. Besides the e-liquids that are manufactured by our brand, we also offer e-liquid flavours created by Vudor, Sandmen, or Puff Dragon among numerous other brands.

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In case you are looking for nicotine salts that can be used with a pod system, our online store is a great place to start. Unlike the conventional freebase nicotine that can be found in most e-liquids, the nicotine salts e-liquids offer the experience that resembles actual smoking. 

The products like Salt Brew, The Milkman Salt, or Just Juice contain up to 20mg of nicotine, more than any regular e-liquid. Each of the nicotine salts in our store whether it is produced locally or imported can help you kick your smoking habit while still allowing you to experience a strong nicotine buzz.

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Nic shots

Finding an e-liquid that has the amount of nicotine you like, can be difficult, but Nic shots offer a simple solution to this problem. You can choose between 9% and 18% nic shots in one of the best vape shops in Ireland and you can add them to a 50ml shortfill and turn it into 60ml e-liquid. 

None of the nic shot products in our store are flavoured, which enables you to mix them with different flavours of e-liquids. A single bottle contains 10ml of the liquid that contains 50% of VG and 50% of PG.  All products we offer are compliant with TPD which makes them perfectly safe to use. 

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